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Health and Safety

Storage First recognize legislation places an ever increasing burden on organizations to ensure the health and safety competency of contractors providing services on their premises.

The need to determine how seriously your external contractors and service providers take health and safety and to professionally assess the suitability of their arrangements.

Storage First can provide Risk and Method statements for any size job please contact us for further information.

Remove and Recycle

remove and recycleWe are firmly committed to recycling and we offer a greener alternative to the landfill disposal option. We can remove existing furniture, storage and resolve a logistical and environmental headache. We use a registered waste carrier and can remove and recycle your old furniture and storage items, from a single desk to a full room clearance.

For larger clearances the cost is on a job by job basis and will depend upon quantity and location of the items. To take advantage of this greener service, please contact us for a survey and quotation.

  • Registered waste carrier provider
  • Reduce strain on landfills
  • Caring for the environment
  • FREE survey & quotation
  • No job too big, or too small
  • Very cost effective

Anti-Microbial Protection

active coat protectionUnlike anti-bacterial sprays and chemical disinfectant which rely on repeated use, the anti-microbial protection used on Storage First products contains anti-bacterial agents uniformly distributed throughout the coating therefore anti-microbial efficacy will continue for the life of the coating.

Water Resistant Technology

AquaCoat is a new water resistant coating with High Density Crosslinking (HDC) technology,

In many applications standard steel lockers are unsuitable offering very little protection to the product from moisture. Alternatives can prove to be very expensive.

aqua coat protection

We have now developed a new solution which gives most of the benefits but without the extreme cost.

AquaCoat Primer is formulated using High Density Crosslinking (HDC) technology.
This strengthens the barrier effect of the primer to create a completely sealed coating that isolates the steel from the enviroment.

The second generation of epoxy primers is designed to guarantee high quality anti-corrosion protection in the most severe climatic or enviromental conditions.

It is formulated and tested following the corrosion and durability classes stated in the ISO 12944 standard.

Spec Planning

The effective planning of any installation is crucial to the success of the job. Whether your needs are extra filing space in a small office or planning a major call centre, you can rely on us for support. We provide you with scale drawings of a range of installation options, allowing you to visualize and plan the most functional and efficient layout possible.

Spec Planning - The Process

Dimensional Room Check

We check the room size using a digital laser, recording any obstacles, windows, radiators and floor covering returns so that we can produce a drawing that is accurate and to scale.

Accessing Your Needs

Whilst we have a large range of products to choose from, we like to listen to what you would like to achieve with your new storage system, which allows us to create a wish list. From this we can design and match storage solutions to suit your requirement.

Discussing the Options

We like to discuss what options we can offer and which would best suit your needs, we also have to check that we can fit these into the room!

Design Layout

At the design layout stage we take all the information we have gathered and start to put this to paper by producing a design drawing to scale, so that we can be sure that the system will fit correctly which also enables us to cost the project correctly.

Cost Approval

Once the design has been agreed, we then produce a full quotation. All costs are included and indicated so you can be assured of no extra costs, this can be invaluable when you have a budget to work within.

Build Plan Stage

One of the most important stages is designing a build plan that suits your timeframe and ours, if we are to achieve a successful outcome with the minimum disruption to you and your staff.

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